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Boiler Repairs Wimbledon

With the leaves turning, autumn has well and truly arrived. If you’re suffering from a broken boiler, now is the time to get it sorted. Before the cold weather bites and November arrives, your boiler should be in full working order.

The good news is that heating costs are set to dip this winter. In fact, UK energy prices are now the lowest they have been since 2010. However, there is a number of fixed tariffs due to end this Halloween. Those who fail to switch before October 31st face around £186 extra on their bills.

You want to be spooked by trick-or-treaters, not energy prices. By keeping your boiler in great condition, you can lower bills even further.

For boiler repairs in Wimbledon, contact our team at Fast Response Plumbers. As our name suggests, our team don’t hang around when it comes to boiler repairs. With our central heating and gas services, everything will be chugging away again, sooner rather than later.

Based in Wallington, Surrey, we work through Surrey and London. Our services guarantee no hidden charges. Just plain and simply repairs, at the most competitive prices.

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