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Balham, a part of the south west London Borough of Wandsworth has appeared on maps as early as the sixteen hundreds. It features several distinct ethnic groups and it is specifically home to a large and thriving Polish community.

Balham Emergency Plumbers

Any plumbing worth their salt will offer a reliable call-out emergency service. This is because plumbing emergencies can so easily cause extensive damage and they can even pose a danger. Offering an emergency service is one thing but having the resources to actually treat the issue as an emergency is quite another thing altogether. An emergency requires immediate action, not a promise of action as soon as possible.

Rapid Response Plumbers understand emergencies and that is why we have teams on the ready 24 hours a day, every day, including public holidays and weekends. And because we arein your neighborhood we can tend to your emergency in double time. Keep our emergency telephone numbers close to the telephone and expect a prompt response every time.

Balham Heating and Gas

Most homes use gas for heating and many other appliances, including hobs, fires and ovens. Rapid Response Plumbers can supply and install all these and many other appliances. We insist on only the best quality in order to ensure that you will enjoy the various conveniences for a long time without trouble. We also repair all gas appliances and many prudent home owners contract Rapid Response Plumbers to conduct regular safety inspections. It is during such inspections that potential problems are identified and dealt with before they become costly or even dangerous.Safety is one of our main concerns. That is why all our plumbers are Gas Safe registered.

Gas heating systems is not the limit of our heating services. We can provide solutions for all heating requirements, including cylinders, immersions, water tanks, radiators and the piping that goes with it.

Balham Blockages and Drains

Blocked drains and poor drainage can cause immense inconvenience and damage. We offer a wide variety of services in this area, including the clearing of blocked drains inside or outside, the relining of drains and, of course, the repair of drainage systems. We are even survey the condition of your entire drainage system with CCTV technology, making sure that no hidden faults exist and also to identify latent problems.

We strive to cause the absolute minimum disturbance to the areas where we work and we do not leave debris behind. We can also help you to prevent drainage problems by means of regular inspections and timely descaling of all your drain pipes.

Balham Plumbers

Qualified plumbers can do much more than unblocking drains, fixing leaks, replacing taps and performing general maintenance work. Our plumbers are geared to provide valuable advice during renovations and additions, helping you to make sure that changes will not lead to decreased plumbing efficiency, such as unexpected loss of water pressure. We can also help you to evaluate your present plumbing system and we can draw up a plan to renew it and to make it more cost efficient and convenient.

In fact, Fast Response Plumbers can deal with any type of plumbing issue, ranging from general maintenance and repairs to the design of comprehensive commercial plumbing systems.

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