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Emergency Plumbing in Battersea Park

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Plumbing emergencies can escalate to serious situations very quickly. Water damage can be extensive and may ruin carpets, furniture and ceilings while boiler failure may even develop into a dangerous situation. Emergencies require immediate action and that is why our emergency plumbing teams are ready to roll on a moments notice.

At Fast Response Plumbing, we are experienced in dealing with any type of emergency situation and we carry all the tools, equipment and spare parts necessary to deal with any situation immediately. Our emergency numbers are manned twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every single day of the year.


Some of the plumbing systems in this area date back many years and they need constant attention. Leaking taps, seeping pipes and ineffective heating systems all cost money and they waste water and fuel. Fast Response Plumbers are able to deal with any plumbing issue, ranging from fixing relatively small faults to conducting thorough inspections of entire plumbing systems. We can provide expert advice on maintenance plans and we can install new appliances.

We do not only deal with a plumbing problem but can give advice on new appliances and they can provide valuable input when renovations or additions are planned. We use and recommend only the highest quality materials, tools and appliances because customer satisfaction is our highest priority.


Heating is a major headache for many people, especially those living in older buildings that were constructed with the aim of using fireplaces to provide heat. Inefficient central heating not only causes inconvenience but also cost a lot of money. We can repair and maintain your boilers to make sure that they provide optimum service.

It is not only the boiler that needs attention when heating problems are experienced. That is why we offer a thorough inspection service that would cover all components of the system, including the piping, ducts and radiators. Where necessary, we can recommend a phased replacement or renewal program.

Every one of our plumbers is Gas Safe registered and we are accredited and qualified to issue Gas Safe certificates to landlords.


Blocked drains and inadequate drainage can be a headache for property owners. Spillage and overflowing drains are not only an inconvenience, but they may pose a health risk as well. Fast Response Plumbers use the latest technology and tools to deal with troublesome drainage systems. We are even able to conduct surveys of entire drainage systems with the use of advanced CCTV technology.

As part of our maintenance services, we can descale and reline drain pipes without disruption. We do not leave debris behind. When renovating or adding to the property we can provide valuable advice on the replacement or enhancement of drainage systems.


The famous and beautiful Battersea Park, on the banks of the Thames River in the London Borough of Wandsworth, consists of marshland reclaimed from the river and former market gardens. The surrounding residential area is affluent and there are many beautiful old homes situated on large estates.

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