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An emergency plumbing situation can quickly translate into expensive damage. Burst pipes can destroy ceilings, carpets and furniture and the longer the problem remains the bigger the damage is likely to be. Our emergency teams respond instantly and they are available twenty four hours of the day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty days every year.

Our emergency numbers are manned round the clock and because we are right on your doorstep you can rest assured that the emergency will be solved in double time. In fact, our response time is one of our proudest achievements. In emergency situations, it is certainly best to rely on fast and effective service from true professionals that are ever ready to cope with every conceivable situation.

Abbey Wood Plumbers

South East London and especially the Royal Borough of Greenwich is awash with beautiful and historic buildings. Unfortunately, older buildings require regular maintenance and the repairs and upgrading of plumbing systems probably tops the list of priorities. This is why we have a strong presence in this area.

We are uniquely positioned to deal with just about any type of plumbing requirement, big or small, indoors or out of doors. We use only the best tools, the latest techniques and highest quality parts, all in aid of providing you with solutions that will save you money and to ensure your safety.

You will be surprised to learn in just how many ways our plumbers can help you to enjoy your appliances, home and garden. From safety inspections, regular maintenance plans and efficient repairs to helping you plan your renovations.

Abbey Wood Boiler Repair

Trouble with boilers is trouble indeed. Anybody that suffers on-going hassles with their boilers will be able to testify to the frustration, inconvenience and cost of repairs. We do not perform patchwork repairs, designed to temporarily solve the present problem and ignoring the long term efficiency of the boiler. No, we offer solutions that will not only ensure that your boiler performs optimally, but that will minimize the frequency of call outs. In addition, we can present maintenance plans that will ensure that the boiler stays in shape and that potential faults are identified before they even manifest.

Abbey Wood Gas Safe Plumbers

Our engineers and plumbers that deal with boiler installation, repairs and maintenance are all Gas Safe registered. In fact, it is illegal to perform this type of work unless the technician is Gas Safe registered and a special ID should be carried at all times. Because we comply with all laws and because we place an extremely high premium on safety, you can trust us to work on all your gas appliances, including hobs, oven and fires.

We also offer safety checks and on-going maintenance to all Abbey Wood residents and businesses. If you are worried about safety, you should contact us to perform a comprehensive safety inspection. We will advise you about potential faults and we can deal with unsafe installations immediately. It is highly advisable to have all gas appliances checked at least once each year.

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