Worried About Blocked Toilets In Croydon?

Is your toilet refusing to flush properly? Have you tried to solve the problem yourself but feel it’s only been made worse?

If you’re worried there’s a more serious problem, Fast Response Plumbers can come to the rescue this summer.

Our experienced and qualified plumbers deal with a wide range of problems, including the issue of blocked toilets. A clogged toilet is a common problem in public toilets, where people aren’t as careful when flushing down matter. It is often attributed to feminine hygiene products, too much toilet paper or hair being flushed down the loo. Whatever it might be, over-flushing is not going to solve the problem unfortunately!

A poor flow can also indicate that you need a new toilet installed. Low flow toilets are typical of first generation toilets and sometimes the only solution is a replacement.

Solve the problem of a blocked toilet in Croydon today.

Whether you need an emergency plumber who will be there within 2 hours or want to arrange a bigger job, Fast Response Plumbers can accommodate your unique needs. No job is too big or small, so simply get in touch today.

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Worried About Blocked Toilets in Croydon?

You’ve got up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, but it won’t flush; and worse still, the water begins to rise and it looks like it’s going to overflow…

This is a situation that we’ve all been in at some point, so what exactly causes blocked toilets? As you might imagine, the primary reason is that they are encumbered with too much waste. Even substantial amounts of toilet paper can lead to a blockage. Hard water deposits can also be the reason for this type of blockage.

Low flow toilets can also block much easier than more modern facilities.

When it comes to public toilets, people have a habit of flushing down anything and everything, especially sanitary products. Since blocked toilets can be a big cause of complaint with customers, it’s worth sorting the problem out asap.

Has the plunger not made a difference to your blocked toilet? Are you worried about it overflowing?

If you’re based in Croydon, Fast Response Plumbers deal with the unblocking of toilets, baths, drain, gulleys, saniflow, outside drains and manholes.

Based in Wallington, Surrey, we cover a wide range of different locations, including Croydon.

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