Worried About A Blocked Toilet In Croydon?

Keep flushing but nothing is happening? Does the water level take too long to drain away?

A blocked toilet causes a huge amount of inconvenience and can be deeply unpleasant. While the solution might seem simple (removing the obstruction), when the problem is really bad, it can be difficult to do it yourself.

Surprisingly the most common type of blockage is toilet paper: perhaps the last thing you expect to end up blocking your loo.

If you’re suffering from blocked toilets in Croydon, Fast Response Plumbers can solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Based in South London, our team regularly work all over this part of the city, including in Croydon.

With Fast Response Plumbers, you will never have to worry about hidden charges, and work always comes guaranteed. Our highly-experienced plumbers know how to unblock even the most stubborn obstructions.

Our drainage services include unblocking sinks, toilets, baths, drains, gulleys, saniflow, outside drains and manholes. We also provide drain servicing, repairs and relining; high pressure water jetting; full de-scaling services for drain pipes; and drain pipe replacements.

If you’re in Croydon, simply give us a call on 0208 270 2030 or 0800 952 0129.

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